Lanbrick manages private equity funds and uses its Bova High Yield (BHY) as the vehicle to invests in a diversified portfolio of value added opportunities that offer higher yielding returns, with a focus on income and capital appreciation. A dedicated team of analysts, and portfolio managers collaborate to achieve a comprehensive understanding of a company’s financial position and capital structure via fundamental bottom-up analysis. The high-yield investment team benefits from the extensive research capabilities across Capital’s equity and macroeconomic analysts.

The portfolio will be invested in opportunities that offer a value ad component with a high yield return at the time of purchase. The fund's primary investment objective is to provide you with a high level of current income. With an objective of capital appreciation that is enhanced with attached warrants.

Lanbricks combination of global reach and local presence, as well as deep industry expertise across several markets, enables us to successfully engage with industry leaders and entrepreneurs in all key markets. With our long-term investment approach, we create value in our investments on behalf of our clients through expansion and operational improvements.

Our investment approach encompasses private equity, commercial real estate, debt and private infrastructure investments and focuses on investing in quality assets with growth and development potential. We proactively source these investment opportunities in different markets through our large local teams and extensive network of entrepreneurs, industry experts and private markets managers.

To benchmark our global investment opportunities, we identify those areas with the greatest investment potential in the prevailing market environment and define the sectors, regions and strategies likely to offer higher value relative to other segments.

This top-down view on the most attractive investment opportunities, combined with our bottom-up ability to identify and develop the most promising investments within local markets, has resulted in strong out-performance over two decades.


We follow a globally integrated investment approach across all market asset classes. This enables us to construct a flexible portfolio that can adapt an investment strategy in changing market conditions. Our investment approach includes three investment strategies: direct, secondary and integrated investments.

We invest in attractive companies, commercial real estate assets and infrastructure assets, with high development potential. Value creation is our priority and we work closely with management teams and corporate partners throughout the life of our investments. Our investment professionals are supported by our in-house team of dedicated industry experts, who capitalize on their deep sector knowledge to seek out value creation opportunities.

Relative value investing

Changing market conditions, as well as transformative and regional trends, can significantly affect the attractiveness of different sectors and industries. We therefore conduct regular analysis to identify and further define those sectors, regions and industry strategies likely to offer higher value relative to other segments that offer a contrarian opportunity.

While the relative value approach offers the potential to identify the most attractive returns from a top-down perspective, it requires a comprehensive array of skills and can only successfully be implemented from the bottom-up by a large, globally integrated team with a broad industry network, strong deal flow and experience over many economic cycles.

Investment selection

Since inception, our global team has established an extensive network of entrepreneurs, industry experts and private markets managers across the globe that gives us access to a multitude of investment opportunities.

Our investment professionals screen several thousand investment opportunities every year. Our rigorous investment selection process means that we only invest in a small fraction of this overall deal flow, enabling our investors to benefit from the highest quality investments with the best value creation that meets our Bova High Yield (BHY) potential.

Value creation

Our key target is to realize the full development potential of the companies, commercial real estate and infrastructure assets we invest in on behalf of our clients. Active value creation is a core element of this aim. Within the private markets industry, Bova High Yield Energy (BHYE) team devises and implements operational value creation initiatives throughout the lifetime of an investment, aiming to create lasting positive impact.

Operational value creation initiatives vary, but typically focus on achieving certain strategic objectives such as expansion through an organic or acquisition-based growth strategy, improving operational effectiveness through a number of focused operational projects or through capital management. All strategic initiatives are guided by our high corporate responsibility standards.

Portfolio management

Global markets investment management requires an in-depth understanding of private and public markets. While our investment committees make investment recommendations and decisions, our risk management team is responsible for constructing and adjusting our diversified markets portfolios over time so that they meet Lanbricks requirements and generate high income yielding returns.

The considerations include:

Strategy: we build private and public markets strategies tailored to the specific target returns by combining complementary investment strategies. Our contrarian approach allows clients to benefit from market corrections and provides diversification, while at the same time maintaining optimal levels of exposure through investment level steering.

Implementation: we gradually ramp-up and re-invest on a predefined implementation plan devised in accordance with Lanbricks investment horizons. We invest based on our high value income approach, which identifies the most attractive investment opportunities in the prevailing market conditions.

Servicing: we offer our clients a full range services including planning, treasury management, reporting, regular valuation procedures, accounting that accommodates local requirements, and complete administrative services.

Risk management: we apply rigorous quantitative and qualitative risk management processes, which have contributed to an outstanding track record and high levels of client satisfaction. We are able to integrate our risk management process into enhanced sustainable returns.

Key Focus: down side protection and high yield returns